Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ancient wisdom packed in Ganesh and Buddha T shirt

Do you wish to sport a tee that has ancient wisdom packed in it? Yes, what you heard is right! What you wear can actually reflect and describe ancient wisdom. We are delving here on the Buddha T shirt. Who doesn't know about the Eightfold Path taught by this great sage? We have read about it in school and most people are followers of this wisdom. It is not easy to end suffering in one’s life, but by following the eight basic laws of the Eightfold Path, suffering can be ended. It is all about knowing the truth. It is about resisting evil. It is about not saying anything that intends to hurt others. It is about respecting life, property, and morality. One of the eight basic laws is also about working without injuring others physically and mentally. Besides, freeing the mind from evil, controlling thoughts and feelings, and practising fitting forms of concentration / meditation, one can put an end to suffering. Wear the Buddha T shirt and spread the wisdom of the Eightfold Path all around wherever you go!

Name the Hindu God who is considered the patron of arts and sciences. He is widely worshipped as a remover of difficulties. He is also considered the God of wisdom and intellect. He is Lord Ganesh! Be it any ritual or ritualistic celebration, He is invoked first. Have you ever sported a Ganesh T shirt?  During the Ganpati celebrations, which go on for ten days in Maharashtra, it is no surprise to see devotees all around sporting tees containing image of the Lord. It is the Lord’s elephant head that is easy to identify. What about wearing such tees often round the year? Here arises the question of quality, color in harmony with the seasons, fabric that lasts long, and fit. Different artists portray the image of the Lord in different outlines. Get a collection of the Ganesh T shirt in different colors and image outlines and add them to your wardrobe. Visit an online shopping platform that exclusively deals in such tees. If the collection attracts you, the price factor should not be a hindrance!

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